When you own a business, you face risk. Pritchett-Moore’s expert team can make sure that your business is covered against both extraordinary and everyday risk with our business insurance offerings. With our 70 years of experience, Pritchett-Moore can do more than simply protect you from the problems ahead. Our underwriting and experience can help you prevent such problems entirely.

General Liability

Every business needs security against the unexpected. General Liability policies are tailored to the specific needs of your business. That gives you peace of mind. And, since you’re in business, when’s the last time you had that?

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Professional Liability

Everyone makes mistakes, even when you’re at the top of your game. Professional Liability coverage, such as Errors and Omissions Insurance, does far more than protect you against legal claims. It protects your reputation as well, the most valuable asset you have.

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Commercial Property Insurance

Your building is more than where you do business. It’s an important asset to your company. Property coverage protects you against loss and damage.

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Whenever you or an employee drive a company vehicle, you’re exposed. Commercial Auto policies make certain that an accident doesn’t cause major damage to your balance sheet.

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Workers Compensation

There is no perfectly safe workplace. So when a worker is injured, Workers Compensation protects the fiscal health of your company, while restoring the physical health of an employee who is injured on the job.

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If you’ve been sidelined due to accident or injury, the bills still need to be paid. Disability Insurance means income for you and your family. More importantly, it means security at a time when you need it most.

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Inland Marine/Equipment

Your company is always on the move. That means some of your most valuable assets, whether equipment or property is either on the road, on the river, or outside of your immediate supervision. Inland Marine and Equipment Coverage keeps you safe from property loss, which keeps your finances going in the right direction.

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Surety Bonds

Trust is an essential part of doing business. At the same time, your business could suffer if someone else doesn’t live up to his part of the bargain. Surety Bonds protect you against non-performance of others in business relationships. So even if you can’t always count on others, you can count on the right coverage.

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Farm & Ranch Insurance

Family farm and ranch insurance offers complete coverage – whether you are cultivating a large farm or running a small cattle ranch. Learn about the farm insurance policy options available to you, which provides flexibility in coverage and payment options.

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Health Insurance

With today’s rising costs, businesses are looking for ways to provide good coverage at a good price. See us today about innovative solutions that give you and your employees the best of both worlds.

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Employee Benefits

The better your benefits, the more likely your employees are to stay. Ask us about our full range of benefits, all designed to create a happier, more productive workplace for you.

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