In 1934, Marlin Moore, Sr. and Harry Pritchett set out to form a different kind of company, one that delivered the best possible advice to its customers with local values and state-of-the-art service. Today, Pritchett-Moore continues to deliver on this commitment.

In real estate, there is no transaction that is too big or too small for our team of professionals, from garden homes to condos to commercial real estate. In insurance, you’ll find the full range of expertise for home insurance, auto insurance, and business insurance. And, as independent agents, we find the right policy for you, without being limited to any one carrier.

And whether you’re leasing your first college apartment in Tuscaloosa or needing someone to maintain and rent your own properties, you’ll find agents who can help you achieve the best results. After all, Pritchett-Moore has the expertise and the experience that generations in West Alabama have come to trust.

What does that mean for you? We combine the disciplines of real estate, insurance, and rental property in one organization. Yet, while we work in several different fields, we apply the same principles of integrity and service to all our customers.

To learn how Pritchett-Moore can serve you, call us today at (205) 758-4441, toll-free at 866-404-5468. Or e-mail us. And experience a level of service that has been perfected since 1934.